Recalibrations of Instrument Systems DMS series

VIOLET-tech perform the installations of the DMS series for Instrument Systems.

VIOLET-tech provide the service worldwide for all existing measurement systems (DMS, CONOSCOPE, VHRM) originally produced by autronic Melchers GmbH.

(China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, USA,...)

VIOLET-tech is the official service partner of Instrument Systems for the DMS series.


VIOLET-tech enter in a service cooperation with Instrument Systems GmbH.

VIOLET-tech start the service in Germany

VIOLET-tech initiate the first cooperation for the European services

VIOLET-tech start the service in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan

VIOLET-tech GERMANY GmbH was founded to provide reliable services for all existing autronic Melchers display measurement systems worldwide.


Instrument Systems GmbH acquired the development and production rights of the DMS und ConoScope series of Autronic-Melchers GmbH.


Autronic Melchers GmbH terminate its business acitivities in Karlsruhe.


Autronic-Melchers GmbH terminate the production of the display measurement systems.